Monday, April 4, 2011

Delving into the unknown...

My first post..hummm... This mad interactive world will be a fun way for me to cite my views and hopfully gain insights from others and maybe even allow my art world to flourish! Painting has always been my protective armour... Always there when I need to protect myself from the hounds that surround me. Sometimes it works...sometime not... But the journey inwards into creation is always one path to choose. It may massage those may change a may only give relief to a bad moment... But its there and its there for a reason. Sometimes I wonder if creativity was never actually created and all humans just lived in a world where the defination to create did not exist... How could we survive!
Luckly, those silly thoughts are not real and creativity is one of...if not theee most important aspect to me.. myself. As a mother, a teacher and a lover.. all these aspect to me are bound into what creation is.
Believe, love...create
...Doodles for now....

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